Enjoy a Beautiful Smile With Full-Mouth Treatment

You don’t have to live your life with a damaged smile or missing teeth. We’ve helped many patients get back their smiles with full-mouth rehabilitation.

Dr. Studerus will work closely with you to devise a treatment plan that will restore your teeth and improve your quality of life. Your treatment will most likely involve dental implants, which serve as replacement tooth roots. We can place your implants right here, using a computer-guided procedure that ensures precise results.

Below are some options you may have for your full-mouth restoration:

  • Implant-Retained Dentures – Your dentures will be anchored to implants by a system of snaps and balls to stay in place. You’ll be able to remove them for cleaning.
  • Implant-Supported Dentures – We’ll secure your new teeth to a metal bar that is attached to implants. You’ll simply brush and floss to keep your teeth in good shape. A dentist can remove them for maintenance, when needed.
  • All-on-4® or All-on-6 Dental Implants – We can place an entire fixed arch of new teeth using just four or six implants. You can receive these teeth in less time than other kinds of implant dentures.

We also offer conventional dentures, if implants are not a good option for you. We can fit you with either full or partial dentures to restore your smile.

Renew your smile with full-mouth reconstruction in Belfair. Call Studerus Dental today at 360-205-5743 to schedule a consultation.